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"Saint" John Paul II Exposed. Friday 2nd May, 2014. St. Athanasius

"Saint" John Paul II Exposed - by Bros. Michael & Peter Dimond,









Part 1: "The Antichrist sitteth in the Temple of God" 


"The Bible predicts that the Antichrist will sit in the Temple of God.  2 Thess 2:3-4.   "Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, who opposeth and is lifted up above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God."


But, what is the Temple of God? 


Fr. Herman Kramer was a Catholic priest who spent 30 years studying and writing a book on the Apocalypse.    In his book he wrote the following about St. Paul's prophecy concerning the Antichrist sitting in the temple of God.   "St. Paul says that the Antichrist sitteth in the temple of God ..."


'The Temple of God' - St. Peters in Rome

This is not the ancient Temple of Jerusalem, nor a temple like it built by Antichrist, as some have thought, for then it would be his own temple ... this temple is shown to be a Catholic church, possibly one of the churches in Jerusalem, or St. Peter's in Rome, which is the largest church in the world, and is in the fullest sense 'The temple of God.'"


Fr. Kramer astutely points out that in order for the Antichrist to sit in the temple of God, as Sacred Scripture says, he must sit in a Catholic Church.      In fact, he must sit in the most prominent Catholic Church in the world, which has been hijacked and overtaken by the Antichrist and his supporters.


The Antichrist will not and cannot sit in a rebuilt temple of Jerusalem as many have thought, because this would certainly not be the temple of God, but Antichrist's own temple.


"The Antichrist sitteth ..."

The Antichrist must sit in St. Peters in Rome, the largest Christian Church in the world and the very spot where the first pope, St. Peter was buried, and the fact that the Antichrist will sit in Rome is precisely what the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God has also predicted.

On September 19, 1846, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in La Salette, France and foretold that "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.  The Church will be in eclipse."



Our Lady specifically predicted that Rome will lose the Catholic faith, fall into apostasy from the true Church of Christ and become the seat of the Antichrist.    And the similarity between Our Lady's prophecy and the Bible's prophecy about the Antichrist sitting in the temple of God is unmistakeable.


Antichrist sitting in the temple of God



Both the Bible and Our Lady are clearly telling us that the Antichrist will have his seat in the temple of God in Rome.


In this video we will bring forward the evidence that the Antichrist is sitting in the temple of God in Rome, right now, just as was predicted by St. Paul and Our Lady of La Salette, and the fact that the Antichrist is sitting in the temple of God in Rome, does not disprove the authenticity of the Catholic Church or imply that the Gates of Hell have prevailed against the one Church established by Jesus Christ.


On the contrary, the fact that the Antichrist is sitting in a Church in Rome, proves that the Catholic Church is the temple of God, the one true Church of Christ, whose members the Antichrist wishes to deceive, whose traditions he wishes to destroy, whose Mass he wishes to replace and whose faith he wishes to eliminate.



Part 2:   The Antichrist defined 


In all of Sacred Scripture the word "Antichrist" is mentioned only four times.    Out of the four times that St. John uses the word "Antichrist," he only defines it twice.


The two definitions that St. John gives for the definition of  Antichrist are the most important pieces of evidence that exists in identifying who the Antichrist actually is, because Sacred Scripture is the inspired, infallible and inerrant Word of God.     Therefore, Sacred Scripture's  definition of Antichrist is infallibly the correct one.



    1 John 2:22.   "Who is a liar, but he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ?   He is antichrist, who denieth the Father, and the Son."


     1 John 4:2-3.   Every spirit which confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is of God:  And every spirit that dissolveth Jesus is not of God:  and this is Antichrist."



Both definitions of Antichrist deal with a denial of the truth about who Jesus Christ is.    The truth about Our Lord Jesus Christ and the truth about the Most Holy Trinity are the very foundations of the Christian religion.   They're the most important truths in the universe.  


Antichrist JPII

This is why the early Councils of the Catholic Church condemned with the utmost vigour even the slightest deviation from the truth about Jesus Christ or the Trinity.      And, this is why the greatest enemies of Jesus Christ in history were not those men who caused Jesus Christ's followers temporal harm, but those who were the most effective and blasphemous in attacking the truth about Jesus Christ, which is the very foundation of one's eternal salvation.





Thus, in defining Antichrist, Sacred Scripture refers to a specific attack on the truth about Jesus Christ, a specific attack on the truth about the God-man.   Sacred Scripture refers specifically about the dissolving of Jesus (1 John 4:2-3), and the denial that Jesus is the Christ (1 John 2:22). 


These two things serve as the distinguishing characteristic of the Antichrist according to Sacred Scripture, and these two things clearly refer to an attack on the truth about the Incarnation of the Son of God.

One of the first and most notorious men in Church history to pervert the doctrine of the Incarnation was the 5th century heretic, Nestorius, who was condemned by the Council of Ephesus in 431 A.D.


Nestorius the heretic


The case of the heretic, Nestorius is incredibly important in identifying the Antichrist as we will see, because Nestorius' heresy was the specific heresy which fits the Bible's  definition for Antichrist.

Pope Pius XI's encyclical

Nestorius was the heretic who tried to dissolve Jesus as Sacred Scripture says;  1 John 4: 2-3, and he did so by perverting the truth of the Incarnation.    Pope Pius XI, Encyclical, Lux Veritatis (#37), Sept., 21 , 1931. "... All these, no less than Nestorius, make a temerarious attempt to DISSOLVE CHRIST. ..."


Pope Pius XI, here confirmed that Nestorius' heresy was the specific doctrine of Antichrist.   It was an attempt to dissolve the person of Jesus Christ, which is the mark of the Antichrist, according to Sacred Scripture.   


But what was this doctrine of Nestorius?   How did Nestorius dissolve Jesus and in doing so, become what St. John defines as Antichrist?

The Incarnation


In order to understand Nestorius' doctrine we must very briefly repeat the Catholic truth about the Incarnation.   The Catholic Church teaches that the Eternal Word, the Son of God, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity assumed a human nature and truly became a man: St. John 1:14.  "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us."


Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Eternal Word made flesh.   He is truly God and He is also truly man.   He is one Christ, one Divine Person with two natures.   Pope Leo the Great, Council of Chalcedon, 451, ex cathedra,  " ... Our Lord Jesus Christ: the same perfect in divinity but perfect in humanity in a single person and subsistent being: He is not parted or divided into two persons ..."


Pope Leo the Great


But, Nestorius rejected that Our Lord Jesus Christ is one person.   Nestorius blasphemously dissolved Jesus into two persons.   Nestorius blasphemously held that the Son of God did not become man in the Incarnation, but rather that the Son of God united Himself , in a certain way with a man named Jesus.   I repeat, Nestorius did not hold that the Son of God became man in the Incarnation, but rather that the Son of God united Himself in a certain way with a man named Jesus.  


Does that sound familiar?     Antipope John Paul II, Redemptor Hominis (#13), 1979: "By his incarnation, he, the son of God, in a certain way united himself with each man."

Antipope John Paul II, Homily, July 2, 1986: " the Son of God, incarnate in the womb of the Virgin Mary, "has in a certain way united himself with each man."

 Antipope John Paul II, Homily, April 8, 1987: "by his incarnation the Son of God has united himself in a certain way with each person."


 Antipope John Paul II, Letter to Families (#2):  "the Son of God, who in the Incarnation "united himself in some sense with every man."

 And, by holding that the Son of God did not become man, but rather united himself with a man named Jesus in the Incarnation, Nestorius dissolved or divided Our Lord Jesus Christ into two persons.


 Pope St. Leo the Great, Dogmatic Letter to Flavian [449]: "Let Nestorius therefore, be anathematized ... he made one person of the flesh, and another of the Godhead, AND DID NOT PERCEIVE THAT THERE WAS BUT ONE CHRIST ..."


And by dissolving or dividing Our Lord Jesus Christ into two persons, Nestorius' antichrist doctrine logically resulted in the worship of two Christs, and introduced as a consequence the worship of man.



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Showdown at Bundy Ranch Nevada, U.S.A. Monday 14th April,2014. Monday in Holy Week. St. Justin, M (St. Tiberius & Comp. Mm)

Showdown at Bundy Ranch , Nevada, U.S.A.



Background and Setting the Scene

The Bundy family settled in the late 1800's and have ranched in the area since.     The Federal Government allowed the Nevadan ranchers to graze their cattle on federal tracts of land adjacent to their private property for generations.     The Federal Government later created the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to administer and "protect" the vast swath of federal land - including land the Bundy's depended upon for their survival, and still do.


Bundy Ranch

The BLM began restricting usage of the federal land to ostensibly "protect" various species.   The BLM decided to restrict the Bundy's use of the land they historically grazed, and told the Bundy family that an "endangered" tortoise existed on the land and therefore usage for the cattle would have to be reduced, which would have drastically reduced the Bund's resources for keeping the ranch viable.   A 20 year battle ensued.


Cliven Bundy Tells all about MSM Lies

According to Cliven Bundy and other ranchers, there used to be some 53 ranchers making a living in the area, some  years ago, and Cliven Bundy and his family are the solo surviving ranchers to this day, refusing to budge from the use of his historical right to graze the land, the rest having been forced off their land by the Federal controlled BLM .

Corrupt Government and Land Grab exposed

The BLM's claim that they were saving the "endangered" tortoises was exposed when the truth came out that they were rapidly euthanizing them in large numbers last year, and it all started to come to a head in the last week when the BLM began stealing several hundred of the  Bundy's cattle, and brought in several hundred heavily militarized men for that purpose and  to "save" the "endangered" tortoises.

"Endangered" Tortoise taught us Liars are Losers

The Confrontation Begins and Tensions Rise


Dogs and Tasers as Bundy supporters confront Feds

Enough is enough, and when Bundy supporters had had enough of the corrupt actions of the Government and its federal agency, the BLM,  to take away their land and their rights, on the 11th April, 2014, they confronted the heavily militarized men and their dogs in a tense and often violent encounter, demanding they immediately leave and return the stolen cattle, which were still being rounded up.   


Bundy's Son Tasered by Feds

Several of the unarmed supporters were tasered, with one woman being assaulted and pushed to the ground suffering injuries.

A tense situation as ranch supporters confront dogs and taser-armed Feds

The Review-Journal reported that Bundy's son, Ammon Bundy, was shot with a stun gun by law enforcement officers and that the rancher's sister, Margaret Houston was pushed to the ground.

Feds retreat for the Day


Eventually, after a heated and at times violent exchange, the Federal agents backed off and disappeared down the road driven off by a determined vocal and angry crowd of Bundy supporters.

Feds had enough and back off in the face of vociferous demonstrators

It soon came out that the Federals agents had destroyed the infrastructure vital for the survival of wild life in the area like windmills and water pipes in their attempt to close down the Bundy's ranch.

The Siege and Showdown

The Final Showdown as Ranch Supporters Line up

The following day, Saturday, 12th April, 2014, dawned and by that time many militia groups from various states had arrived with more to follow, to defend the Bundys.   However this time many were armed, and prepared to defend themselves if they were fired on first.

"Let's Roll" - Cowboys Lead the Advance!

In a spectacular show of bravery, Bundy ranch supporters, both men and women slowly marched towards the heavily armed federal force, after lining up in battle formation, behind a line of between 40 to 60 mostly unarmed cowboys, and cowgirls, all reminiscent of a western movie scene.


Infowars Crew Uncover Dramatic Damning Evidence

Nevada Senator Harry Reid caught in Land Grab deal with Chinese backed Communist Government Firm


In the meantime the crew at back in Austin Texas, had discovered bombshell evidence that Senator Harry Reid, was heavily involved in a land grab deal with a Chinese Communist energy firm, to use the land as a solar farm.

The Back-down and Retreat of Feds in the Face of a United and determined Resistance

Fed Agent tries to Lay down Terms of Settlement

As the cavalry approached the metal barrier, they were met by a solitary bespeckled bearded spokesman for the opposing federal force, who informed Bundy's son, that only Bundy and his son would be allowed in.

Bundy's Son Lays down the Law - "No, It's the people or not..."

After a heated exchange and demand that everyone be allowed through, the gate sign was removed, a huge roar erupted from the gathered mass of supporters, gates now open, the ranchers crossed the line, in their bid to take back the cattle.


Sign Down and Gates about to be Opened [FOX Cameraman?]

In the face of such an array of determination and courage, the heavily armed Feds buckled, and quickly backed off down the road, their backs to the crowd. 

Embarrassing Defeat and Backdown by Feds as they Plod Backwards!

[ Whether this was just a tactical withdrawal by the Feds, or not, it doesn't really matter, because in the final equation, "this is a battle between Good and Evil, the final battle, in which one must choose to be on one side or the other....there is no middle ground.   Only one side will be Victorious." - paraphrasing the words of  Our Lady to Sister Lucia, the surviving seer of Fatima Apparitions in 1917, during an interview with Fr. Fuentes, 1957 ]

Freedom and the Victory Parade

  Not long after, to the roar of approval of the gathered crowd of some 1000 supporters, the cattle appeared from under the bridge escorted by the band of jubilant cowboys, freed at last from the rustlers, and heading home..

First Cattle appear








The Grand Victorious Parade - a huge roar of approval  breaks out from the large waiting crowd of around 1000  Bundy Ranch supporters for the cowboys, as they emerge from under the bridge 


It's Home on the Range - at last!















Aftermath of the Victory and Mainstream Media Sounds of Silence

The national  corporate media was forced to cover this reluctantly, after the victory had already been accomplished, and then putting their own distorted spin to it, after it had already generated a firestorm of interest, world-wide as a result of grass roots media like, Drudge and other independent news outlets.


The Victory signals the Beginning of the End in the Battle against World Tyranny (NWO)

If this operation was a test on behalf of the Feds concerning where Americans  draw their line in the sand, then the outcome spells disaster for out of control big Government, which has just been handed a huge defeat in the battle to restore constitutional freedom and property rights in the face of out of control tyranny





Breaking News:Update:

Tuesday, 15th April, 2014 NZST

FAA issue "NO FLY" ZONE over Bundy Ranch - posted 12th, April, 2014 NZST

FAA have just issued a "no Fly" zone, effective 11th April, 2014 - 11th May, 2014, directly over Bunkerville, in which the Bundy Ranch is located.  






According to one pilot, this is unheard of, as one would expect a "no fly" zone to be in operation for a very limited period of time....not one month! NOTE: LIMITED TO BLM SUPPORT ONLY!!!







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